Case Studies & Proven Results

SIA has a proven track record of designing solutions that far exceed a client’s requirements. With their extensive knowledge of best practices a solution usually allows a client to reduce support time requests and improve system processing.


Pepsi Co.


PepsiCo is enforcing IT server standardization and a more aggressive application upgrade frequency.


SIA performed a thorough risk assessment and architected a risk-mitigated migration strategy for the PepsiCo B2Bi upgrade. This migration strategy includes a major-release operating system upgrade, a major-release database upgrade, a Java runtime environment upgrade, and the upgrade of B2Bi from 5.2.3 to 5.2.6. A SIA senior architect is onsite to coordinate and collaborate with PepsiCo personnel throughout the upgrade of five environments.


Turtle Wax


Turtle Wax needed to reduce the total cost of ownership of their EDI Operation. SIA/IBM proposed three solutions:

  1. IBM B2BI On-Premise
  2. IBM B2B Partner Hosted
  3. IBM In-Network Translation (SaaS)


Turtle Wax chose IBM In-Network Translation (SaaS) for its ease-of use, low maintenance, and ability to leverage existing translation map. SIA closed the deal and provided project management for the migration to IBM SaaS platform. Go-live is 6/22 with SIA providing L1 support.




A well known international clothing retail company is migrating to SAP FMS from SAP AFS. They needed to streamline their business processes flows and to standardize their trading partner configurations. Additionally, they wanted a self-service interface for their business end users that provided the ability to quickly locate electronic transactions.


SIA architected and deployed a migration plan, a business process framework, and a transaction visibility UI. The migration plan includes the use of a canonical data transformation for use during the AFS-to-FMS co-existence phase as well as the use of the SIA Framework Manager to standardize and provide governance for trading partner configurations. The business process framework provides highly dynamic, reusable process flows that take advantage of the trading partner configurations afforded by the SIA Framework Manager. End-user transaction visibility is provided by SIA SI-mon: Transaction Visibility (SI- mon: TV), a utility that offers end-to-end visibility of transactions throughout the process flow, from communications, through transformation, to the application with direct integration with SAP using ALE. Additionally, SI-mon: TV enhances business knowledge by capturing additional data and metadata about the transaction for superior visibility and reporting.